Carol joined MC2 Accountants in November, 2016 to assist management with re-positioning it’s business and associated branding such that it can offer a wider range of services and solutions to it’s growing client base.  Having worked in a professional services business environment Carol brings a wealth of experience in providing broader solutions to clients through the development of a business services & solutions portfolio.

The role involves the analysis of MC2 Accountants current service offerings, customer requirements and customer satisfaction feedback. An important part of Carols role is the development of internal business processes, procedures and standards in order to ensure smooth service delivery, repeatability and scalability. Using formal business process models and methodologies enables Carol to provide a broad perspective in ensuring that all relevant areas of the business are treated in order to ensure an e2e delivery service from the first client interaction through to completion.

Carol’s key strengths would be her overall business acumen allied to an innovative approach to solving client issues and developing client services.

Education, previous work experience

Carol holds a Degree in Business from CIT, Cork and recently completed a Masters Degree in Business (MBus Hons), providing her with an additional insight into modern business methods and models.

Carol has previously worked in the UK and France and in 1999 co- founded Eirtech Communications Ltd. in Cork, Ireland, where she acquired a valuable and rounded approach to all aspects of running a services business.  Having an initial base of experience working in the IT and Telecoms industries, developing tools and methodologies in the services area, Carol also has extensive experience working in Talent management for acquired skill sets by companies throughout Europe and across a wide variety of industry sectors.


Carol enjoys spending time with family and busy teenagers, GAA and Rugby, theatre, music and keeping fit.

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