Here in MC2 Accountants we are committed to helping you through the financial year. So we have summarised the key Revenue deadlines for tax returns and payments due in September 2018 below:

Corporation Tax

All companies with a 31 December 2017 year end must file a corporation tax return and make a payment for the balance of corporation tax payable for 2017, on or before 21 September. This deadline is extended to 23 September for companies who pay and file on Revenue’s Online Service (‘ROS’).

Preliminary Tax

Companies with a 31 October 2018 year end must make their preliminary tax payment for 2018 on or before 21 September. This deadline is extended to 23 September where companies make their tax payments on ROS.

Form 46G

Third Party Returns of Information or Forms 46G for companies with a 31 December 2017 year end are due to be filed with Revenue on or before 30 September 2018.


P30 returns for August 2018 must be filed on or before 14 September 2018.


An RCT return along with any associated payment for August 2018 is due on or before 23 September 2018.


Bi-monthly VAT returns and associated VAT liabilities due for July/August 2018 are due for filing on or before 19 September 2018. This deadline is extended to 23 September where companies make their tax payments on ROS.


Good tax house-keeping points – why be compliant?

All businesses should now be paying and making returns online through ROS as it affords businesses extra time to file returns and make tax payments.

Ensuring your returns are filed and associated payments are made on time is imperative. Late returns and late payments trigger interest and surcharges and may also give rise to penalties. Being timely and compliant also greatly helps to decrease the risk of selection for a Revenue audit or investigation. As with anything preparation and early planning is key to ensuring that your returns are complete, accurate and filed on time.

If you need assistance with any of your tax compliance matters please feel free to contact your MC2 advisor or if you are not already an existing client and are looking for advice/assistance with your tax affairs please call us on 021 486 1486 and you will be directed to a member of our tax team.


Upcoming deadlines – Income Tax

Please note that the Income Tax pay and file deadline for individuals in respect of 2017, is 31 October 2018. Revenue have extended this deadline to 14 November 2018 for taxpayers who pay and file on ROS. Please note that preliminary tax in respect of 2019 is also due on or before these dates.

Again we would strongly advise that you get all of your information in relation to your FY2017 income tax return in to us as early as possible. This will assist us to prepare your tax return accurately, efficiently and it will also allow us to raise any tax planning opportunities with you well in advance of the deadline.


Call us for tax advice

MC2 are always available, if you have any queries relating to the upcoming deadlines or tax reminders, or need help with your tax.

Please contact your MC2 Accountants advisor or call 021 486 1486 to speak to a MC2 Accountants tax advisor.


Please contact the author, Aoife Murray for more details.