In late 2021, the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform announced changes to the existing civil service rates.

Day Allowances

Effective from 1st December 2021, the subsistence rates applicable for day absences were increased.

Where an employee is now absent for a continuous period of five hours or more, provided the absence is not at a place within 8 kilometres of the employee’s home or normal place of work, the following rates apply;

Period of AbsenceRate
Five to ten hours€16.29 (previously €15.41)
Greater than ten hours€39.08 (previously €36.97)

Vouched Accommodation Rate for Dublin

The specific vouched accommodation rate applicable for Dublin accommodation continues to apply where employees encounter difficulties in sourcing suitable accommodation within the standard rate (i.e. €147.00).

In such cases, the vouched accommodation rate will remain the vouched cost of accommodation up to a limit of €147.00, plus €39.08 (previously €36.97).

All other civil service rates relating to overnight accommodation were not increased.

For further information in relation to these changes, please do not hesitate to contact by phone, 021 486 1486 or email: info@mc2group.ie